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Solar Powered Generators

These New Full Solar and Wind Power generator systems can provide constant power day and night! The solar panels charge your system during the day with the sun and the wind generators as an add on can charge your power system 24 hours a day! Get all your power needs from the sun and wind with one of these full solar power systems. These systems take power generated from the sun and or wind and store it in the power units for continuous use. Perfect for tiny homes, living off the grid or supplying your power needs when the power goes out. Choose from All solar systems or Solar and wind together. Perfect for off grid living, tiny homes, camping, power outages and more!

Solar Generator Basics: When you run on solar you are essentially running on battery power the entire time. So, the biggest factor to determine what you need to run an appliance, lights etc.. is not just the wattage but its how much battery power you need to run continuously with the solar or wind charging it. Think of your battery like you would the fuel that goes in a gas generator only the fuel comes form the sun or wind. The battery's are like gas tanks and you need enough of then to support your needs.