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How To Connect a Series- Parallel Solar Panel Array

By James Paul December 17, 2022 0 comments

  • Solar Panel Parallel Connection,
  • Solar Panel Series connecteion,
  • Solar Panel Series-Parallel Connection

Using a series-parallel connection is necessary sometimes when using soalr panels of different powers and or to reduce the voltage of an solar array vs. connecting in parallel.

Solar Panel Series Connection = Connecting 2 or more panels in a series or connected to one other positive to negative.

Solar Panel Parallel Connection = Connecting solar panels an mc4 branch parallel connector. These are typically available with 2, 3 and 4 parallel connectors..

See picture showing a series parallel connection with a two way MC4 Branch Connector.


 This picture shows two sets fo 4 panels connected in a series then connected in parallel with another set of 4 solar panels with a Two Way Branch Connector to create a Series-Parallel Solar array.




Important Note(s):

Regarding Voltage:

-When solar panels are connected in parallel the voltage stays the same.

-When connected in a series, the voltage increases with each panel that is connected.


Regarding Amperage:

The same is true with amperage only it is the opposite. So, When connected in parallel the amperage increases with each panel and it stays the same when connected in a series.

2 Way connector



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